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    IGN (In Game Name): AlexRoastX

    Age: 15

    Timezone: British Summer Time [BST]

    County: United Kingdom [UK]

    Do you have a good quality mic?: Yes

    Do you have Telegram and Teamspeak?: Yes, Telegram: @AlexRoastX

    How many hours can you put in the server per week:

    Monday:- 4-8h
    Tuesday: 4-8h
    Wednesday: 4-8h
    Thursday: 4-6h
    Friday: 4-7h
    Saturday: 4-6h
    Sunday: 3-8

    Any previous punishments on Juict?:not any that i know of. At least i don't remember being banned you could look further into this.

    Any past experiences in being a staff member?:

    Rank: Admin
    Info:This was mainly practice pvp server and well known in the mcpe community, i often go in game and just spec rule brakers, i was indeed an SS-Verified on here so i would sometime's when i thought to my self something is suspicious with that player or i didnt have enough evidence to ban him i was supposed to SS him for further evidence.

    Rank: Manager
    Info:This was a classic hcf server it use to avrage more than 100 players daily it was a mcpe server here i got familiar with the staff ranks and permission groups, also as a manager you have think more deeply than a normal staff member because i was the one to accept new staff members or demote, i know what a server looks for and what kind a staff a minecraft server would prefer than the other.
    Proof: and

    Info: this was a server owned by me and one of my friends we use to avrage 3-50 people daily here i got experience with plugins and thinking outside the box because i was the one to chose managers and sr. Admin's, which it was a hard thing finding a new manager and not only that we had to try teach a staff memember "Helper" to ss it was pretty hard because he wasnt a fast learner, thats another reason why i belive i would do good as a staff member as i learn thing very quickly.

    Bad Pixel-(Practice)
    Bad Pixel was a growing practice pvp and KitMap server reaching an average of 40 players during its EU hours, and 20-30 players during its US hours. I was promoted to Trial-Moderator during October 2018, and has been T-MOD ever since. I am SS-verified, and I have caught and punished many offenders so far. I log on almost every day to check and see if no players are breaking the rules, and stay on for hours and help every player in need.
    - What I do while being on Bad Pixel :
    * Search daily to find offenders like cheaters or chat violators
    * Regulate the chat and reports
    * Answer any question that a player has to ask me
    * Assists players and helps them with whatever they need
    (server run by ItzAssassin, Verzu, FigT, 97p).

    Rank: T-Mod
    Info:This is a factions and a skyblock server people mainly knows the server because of its skyblock i didnt have a lot of commands there as a T-Mod but i still helped a lot i learned here to be more professional when i write something in chat, staff shouldn't behave like normal players, staff should behave as a role model for other player's.

    - What I do while being on Bad Pixel :

    *Moderating chat
    *Muting chat-viloators
    *Warning first offence mijor rule brake

    Info:I was a Moderator on the server by the name of GoliCraft. I wasn't Moderator long on this server before the server ended up shutting down completely, however it was played by by many youtubers or at list known people in the community . The player averaged around 40-60 players every time they would announce something new on the server, which for a new server isn't bad. This wasn't an HCF Network, more of a single HCF server and a Kitmap server. However, the Kitmap was the main thing they actually worked on and kept up and running, the server rarely had staff online and the Owners were a bit unorganized.

    Info:I was a helper on the network by the name of GamersUnite. As a Helper, I didn't have much responsibility besides the basics of helping players and such. However, at the time I was staff on this network it averaged around 5p players daily. I'd also like to add this is an factions Network.

    Info: This is a Kit Pvp server mainly it isnt that known of a server just averaging 10-30 players on a daily i had a major responsibility on here baning and dealing with store related issues the server had.
    Why do you want to become staff?:

    I really like the community on JuicyMC and I enjoy talking to them, it personally makes me feel bad when someone gets killed by a hacker, or someone has a question or needs a staff and no one is online to help them. I also want to clean up the community and get rid of the hackers that could ruin a new or old players day or map.

    Since as I stated before I love the server and I want to help it grow, this to me means that i can help the players to stay happy meaning that the new players joining the server will have an more enjoyable time then without my helping. Me making them have a more enjoyable time could happen in multiple was including banning potential hackers, quicker teamspeak help, and quicker ingame help. Over my years of staffing I believe that this makes a player very happy with the server that he or she is playing on and in this instance the server would be Juicy.

    Cleaning up
    I want to help make the server less full of cheaters and hackers, as I have stated multiple times before this a player’s first impression on the server will most likely be on cheaters. If there are more cheaters on another server than another server the player is more likely to switch servers. This means that since the player switched server due to cheaters I want to fix that. Since I am very active on the server I can ban most of the cheaters making mostly everyone very happy.

    This wouldn’t just make me enjoy the server more as a whole but a more active staff member and a more active staff base I believe would make the server happy for many reasons including less cheaters, fast teamspeak help, fast ingame help, and basically fast and more efficient everything.

    Personally I do feel a bit of responsibility, but personally I want to see how responsible I actually am. Since I believe that I am responsible I believe that I can help the server, what I believe I would like to be tested if I do get accepted.

    I would also like to become staff on JuicyMC as I feel that I have had a lot of staff experience, this will be very useful especially when it comes to things such as commands and how to deal with people breaking the rules, I will aspire to make my way up the staff ranks and hope that I can become a well known member of the JuicyMC community and just spread some positive vibes if I'm being honest. I also love just being staff, and making sure the server is all good with no cheaters and rule breakers. Also, I feel that I can give many suggestions and I can make sure that the chat is a friendly environment. If I find any glitches or see that anything needs improving I will be sure to speak up, and help with anything that the players find a problem to the server. Also I have not been staff on a server for quite some time as I had quit minecraft for quite a long time, but I am now back and hoping to become a better staff member than ever before! But the main reason that I would like to be staff is because I feel that I can just make the server a more enjoyable place for other players and that I hope that I can serve justice to all of the cheaters and have a nice and friendly environment for all of the players to enjoy and have fun while playing their favorite game. I feel like I can definitely try to catch as many cheaters, keep the chat clean, and help as many people as I possibly can if I do get accepted as a staff member on this server

    Why should we accept you as staff?:


    I am willing to bring more dedication to the server than other applicants could, this means I will be more active, kinder, and more genuine on the server. This also means since I actually have care about the server and how it does that I can be more dedicated to help players and the server as a whole.
    Activity As I stated before since I will be dedicated to the server it means that I will be more active than other applicants, this means I will be per say more useful as a staff member because I can help more people in game, ban more hackers, and help more people in teamspeak.


    I genuinely like to help people, it is something I do a lot. I find joy in helping others, so when someone says I need help in the chat and no staff member responds because no one is on I want to help the person, but I can't. I don't feel many other applicants say that they are happy after they help someone in need of help.
    Maturity For me being old 14 i believe I am pretty mature, I can be professional in almost any situation, I can be kind to almost any player but I believe there are players who can make anyone even the best staff members a bit annoyed.


    Nine times out of ten I am a very calm person trying not to go to anger very quickly, this to me is a big thing when trying to become a staff member on any server, if your not calm and collected your going to be fast to anger and make some decision you are going to regret. Another reason that being calm is so important is if you encounter a person who might be a little bit annoying and you get angry with them your going to get demoted, I do not do that.


    Personally I believe I have a very good understanding on how to be a good staff member on any server. I understand how a staff member is suppose to be at all times. This is something I believe that some less experienced applicants have a problem with. Having staff on around 7 servers starts to give you this understanding on the basic concept on being a staff member.


    To me being able to multitask is a very important thing, if you can't multitask I'm my opinion your not a very efficient staff member. Since I can multitask pretty well I believe that most other applicants can't multitask very well.


    As every staff member does I have my strengths, personally I believe my strengths are being a good respectful and mature staff member in almost all situations, being kind to newer players and staff members, in game and teamspeak helping, and finally I believe I am a pretty good teacher to newer staff members I can show them the ropes and get them started.

    As I stated before just like every staff member has their strengths but also every staff member has their weaknesses. Personally I believe one of my less big weakness is screen sharing, every server has a different way of screen sharing but I don't know how cave does it and I would be glad to learn if I got accepted.

    Ability to record
    The ability to record is very important as especially if you are a new member of staff, you will need to be able to show evidence for any suspicion of a player cheating, whether it is you fighting them or recording another player.

    Linking to the Ability to record, not only video evidence is very important as you are required screenshots for mutes to show proof for what you have done in the role of a staff member and it is nothing but important depending on the severity of what you believe is going on with said player. Evidence can be shown through screenshots and videos.

    I feel that I am quite a positive person and I hope that I can show this to anyone reading this application, I feel it is very important as it is just a generally good thing to spread.

    I can be very understanding of different situations, whether it be for staff members or players, I will always make sure that I can help them out and support them if I feel that there is anything going wrong with what is happening to them currently.

    Linking to understanding, I feel that I can be very helpful to many players and hopefully make life a lot easier for everyone by always being there for support.

    I feel that Kindness is a very important trait when it comes to being a staff member as you must be able to be a generally good person and be ready for any situation and handle these situations in a very good fashion.

    Additional Information: Thank's for taking the time to read my application! Have a wonderful day!
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