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    Juicymc Rules List
    *NOTE: These rules are subject to change at ANY time!*

    Screenshare Policy:
    If you log out while frozen, delete files, empty / edit your recycle bin, disable common logging functions on your PC, delete/edit browser history, change settings, disable or edit windows logging, start, refresh, or end windows processes, alter game-specific logs while frozen / before a screenshare you will be permanently banned for tampering with evidence.
    If you are caught cheating in a screen share after refusing to admit to it you will receive a ban without the ability to purchase an unban.
    If you are caught with the following non-cheating related files and/or programs on your computer you will be banned as well. These kinds of files include any sort of database(s) regarding Minecraft servers, IP lists, any sort of file containing information of an MC player (A dox), or any evidence related to illegal activities regarding another player, you will be permanently banned in-game, and permanently banned from buycraft. We have a zero-tolerance policy against any sort of illegal activity regarding the safety & privacy of our players.
    If you are unable to download programs because you lack administrative permissions, or have disabled certain actions with downloading programs you will be banned.
    If we find possible evidence of you attempting to hide something in a "Private folder" and you disallow us to view it you will be banned. Examples can include us finding "Private photos.exe" inside of a random picture folder, and you refuse to let us view it, you will be banned.

    Unfair advantage (Blacklisted Modifications):
    This includes any use of a hacked client, ghost client, illegal mods, etc. Any modifications to any client or mod that will create an advantage over other players are not allowed (Ex. Editing Schematica Mod so it will break blocks). The only case where players may admit for a shorter ban is if they’re using tracers / Xray / radar.

    Gameplay Intent:
    If you, the player, joins in activities that are not within the idea of how the game was designed to be played (this includes but is not limited to: crash the server, cause significant lag, or displaces balance of the server undermining events, information shared in confidence about updates, contests, anything that is implied or understood as unintended game/play exploits, or just overall the spirit of the game or how the game was intended, you can be removed permanently from the server or disqualified from payouts.

    In-Game scamming is ALLOWED. However, Buycraft scamming is not. Buycraft scamming is only considered punishable if a player buys something off of buycraft for a deal in game and the player does not give the agreed items after the purchase was made. It is NOT considered bannable if you give your items first and the other person runs away with them

    Botting, scripting, automated work, ect.:
    Auto clicking and Macros are 100% not permitted. Botting is for the most part disallowed. Players can use OQminebot for AFK and opening crates only! Players, 100% can not do the following:

    Spam any type of chat including pm’s, paying, sending tokens, etc…
    Drop mass amounts of items on the ground.
    Block sell signs, crates, crystal centers, etc…
    Pvp/Mine/Grinding (farms, spawners, fishing, etc..).
    Harass other players by following them, spamming them (see spam rules above), or going to their cell/island and annoying them.
    Scripting in any way
    i.e. (not limited to) boosting mcmmo levels, mining, etc..

    In addition to this rule, players should only have a max of 25 alts being used to open crates at a time.

    Exploiting and Glitching:
    If players have not reported a bug, and are abusing it to harm other player's experience or use it for personal gain, this violates our rule. If a faction uses a bug / exploit to gain access to a factions base, this is also punishable.

    Mute & Ban evasion:
    Using alternate accounts is by all means allowed on our servers, but abusing alternate accounts to bypass a mute or a ban is a ban for that account. You must contact an administrator or a head staff to verify that the accounts are related.

    Solicitation / IRL Trading:
    Players are not allowed to advertise that they’re selling things for IRL money outside of the server. Accounts, skins, PayPal, etc…

    Cobble monstering:
    Cobble monstering is completely not allowed. This is a bannable offense!

    Lag machines:
    Machines that cause the server to lag will have higher punishments than devices used to lag players out.

    Freezing MC:
    Freezing your Minecraft for PvP is not allowed. This is a bannable offense!

    Abuse of the F11 Glitch:
    Any abuse of the F11 glitch is not tolerated. This includes mining, farming and grinding to give a player advantage.

    Using /disguise in PVP:
    Using disguises while pvping is strictly not allowed and will result in punishment if found to be doing so. They are allowed to be enabled on a player’s island, but should be disabled before entering warzone.

    Payout Boosting:
    Doing BuyCraft deals for ridiculous amounts (for example: $0.01 for 10 billion) is not allowed. Giving players/islands/cells/factions island/cell/faction value whether for free or in a loan, just to be boosted in cell value or to beat another cell in the weekly payout is considered payout boosting. Loans are not allowed, trades must be made in full at the time of the trade.

    Alt Islands/cells/factions:
    Having multiple islands/cells/factions is not allowed.


    Bigotry & Hate speech and Derogatory Terminology:
    Bigotry & Hate speech use racial and offensive words in chat and is not tolerated what so ever. Some words that fall under this category are the N-Word(Hard R) and any other type of racial slurs that are meant to offend someone.

    Advertisement in our chat is not tolerated in Vanity’s Chat. Advertising is the act of posting server ip’s in public chat in hopes that players will join. Players are allowed to use server’s names to talk about events.

    Dox Threats / DDoS Threats / SWAT threats:
    If you witness a player put someone's information in public chat you are allowed to ban that player. If a player reports a screenshot to you you must get an admin or senior mod to verify that the player did indeed threaten that in private messages. If you do deal with a player who has made threats or commit the offense to let a manager or factions administrator know ASAP. This is so that player can go under investigation to see what faction he was a part of, and to issue possible faction strikes. Any sort of joking with malicious intentions about this matter is punishable.

    Death threats:
    Telling someone to kill themselves, or saying kys in messages or in public chat is strictly not allowed. If a player comes to you with a chat report of death threats in private messages get an admin to verify it with core inspect.

    Chat spam:
    Flooding public chat is unnecessary and will result in a mute. 3 or more messages in rapid succession will be punished by warnings then a mute.

    Command spam:
    Spamming and abusing commands is unnecessary and will result in a ban. 3 or more commands in rapid succession will be punished by warnings then a ban... This includes PM spamming and helpop spam. This rule also includes helpop abuse.

    Suspicious / Inappropriate links:
    If you are caught sending pornographic links, links that will be harmful to another player, or will cause general uncomfort in those who open them will be muted/blacklisted depending on the severity of said link.

    Player/Staff Impersonation:
    Using public chat to make players think you are someone when you are not, is not allowed.

    Staff Disrespect:
    Constant hate, harassment or disrespect towards staff members is not allowed. This includes tricking staff members into believing you are breaking rules when you are not.

    EXCESSIVE Cursing Towards Other Players:
    Cursing is generally allowed in public chat but however there is a limit to this. If found to be cursing at other players or a specific group of people EXCESSIVELY, then you will be punished. Please respect one another and treat them the same way you would want to be treated.