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    IGN (In Game Name):MeeZoid1
    Age: 18
    Timezone: GMT
    Country:United Kingdom
    Do you have a good quality mic?:Yes
    Do you have Telegram and Teamspeak?:No Just Discord
    How many hours can you put in the server per week: 7 hours
    Any previous punishments on Faithful?: No
    Any past experiences in being a staff member?: Yes
    ? Network: VoltHCF?
    Player count: 0 - 5
    Rank: Mod
    Information: Although this wasn't a popular server I did learn a lot from it, around this time I started using TeamSpeak and got very familiar with it, in my opinion, I wouldn't regret helping this server because I learned a lot about the forums as well as in-game permissions, this was my first experience and without this server I wouldn't be in the situation I currently am today.

    ? Network: ChosenHCF/RegenHCF?
    Player count: 0 - 10
    Rank: Mod
    Information: This was another friends server who was generous to give me the opportunity to give me a rank and helped me with permissions I never knew was a thing, I learned commands from /blacklist to /co inspect, I am in contact with the owner today.

    ? Network: HCBattles?
    Player count: 20 - 30
    Rank: Admin
    Information: This was the same owners server as ChosenHCF's, this was (at the time) the most popular server I was staffing on, I was in-charge of Koth's and helping the manager, at one point I was a senior-admin but didn't know how to rollback bases so I have given my old rank back, the server went down due to a grief that happened so the server was forgotten and never brought up.

    Network: Exlode?
    Player count: 200
    Rank: T-Mod
    Information: Exlode was considered as the new Kohi but shortly before they were popular I resigned due to many issues the management team as run into going from bases being removed to the staff team being immature, I don't regret resigning because of the issues they had, shortly closed after SOTW for maintenance.

    ? Network: Senix?
    Player count: 0
    Rank: T-Mod
    Information: This server was owned by Buno, it seemed like it was going fairly well until they started abusing and the server wasn't looking bright so I resigned looking for another job.

    ? Network: ExcileHQ?
    Player count: 70 - 80
    Rank: Mod
    Information: This was a server my friend got staff on and it was known on its SOTW and roughly reached 90 players, I found out after they were spoofing ten - fifteen players and it wasn't looking like a good staffing experience and the Manager was a known ddoser so I didn't stick around that long, the manager threatened to ddos me if I didn't do certain jobs so I resigned and was ddossed shortly after that.

    ? Network: HCRiots?
    Player count: 260
    Rank: Mod
    Information: This was a fun server I was staffing on but was having problems with keeping their staff up-to-date and was short due to an 'etb' by an account sold, HCRiots is soon to be coming up but I have no intentions to go back to it.

    ? Network: HCNations?
    Player count: 50 - 500
    Rank: Trial-Mod
    Information: HCNations was a server full of bad people, as most know the owner Crisp, known as fits, epicay, or backstreets was really toxic and a known 'ddoser' in the past, shortly one of their Platform-Admin's was selling promotions to the staff members and I wasn't very happy about it because if he's breaking the rules he can do something bad and my personal information could be leaked or even worse. Overall I liked the community, but not the administration team whatsoever.

    Why do you want to become staff?:

    I am usually on the forums. I am constantly looking at the forums to see all the new threads that pop up and if a player has a question and lists it on the thread, I respond to it. I also check my telegram often so if I am needed and I am not in TeamSpeak or in-game, I am able to quickly respond.

    I should be chosen as a staff member on JuciyMc because of my past experiences being staff on other HCF servers. Through all my experiences as being a staff member, I have learned how to screen share. I Have become very good at doing it. Today's HCF community most of the people applying for staff lie about their experience with being staff and knowing how to screen share. I am going 100% honest with you throughout this whole application. I am very good at finding and searching through files and the process of finding a ghost client or even an auto clicker that could be hidden.

    I think I should become a helper because I've been wit Juciyfor about 10 min now and I know the rules fairly well. I believe becoming apart of the staff team will better strengthen my connection with the community as well as embracing the rules to ensure that we have a more friendly environment.

    A lot of people complain about them not being moved in ts fast and how the staff never do anything in game. I don't think that is true. I find that the staff does the best that they can, there are so many people on that need help with there issues that the staff can only do so much to help people. The staff can't get to everyone, they have other stuff that they need to be doing to keep the server inline and they will get to you when they do! I take this job very seriously and I do not mess around when it comes to something like this. I find some of the staff only some need to be more mature about this job and need to take it more seriously then they do. I'm very active when it comes to moderating a server and making sure people are not cheating nor are they being racist or saying silly stuff in the chat that they aren't supposed to be saying. If I am asked to do something by an admin or higher or someone who has the authority to be telling people what to do I will do as I am told and not question it. If I am given a strike and I think its false or not correct I will just say sorry for my mistake and move on with what I'm doing and make sure it never happens again and improve what I may have messed up on and go on with helping out the server. A server with a big player base as I said already it needs to be taken seriously and I feel like I am ready to take on this challenge and prove to my friends/fellow staff members and myself that I'm ready and can take on bigger challenges! I am the man this staff team needs!

    Why should we accept you as staff?:

    I feel like I would be very capable of doing this job because I am respectful and mature in the chat. I tend to respect everyone's opinions and I treat everyone the way I would want to be treated. I've also been known for being a, "try hard helper," meaning that I would go out of my way to help someone in need.

    I think I should become a Helper because I spend quite a bit of time on this server. I have never had an attraction to a server like JuciyMc. I am mature in chat and I tend to help people when they ask. I am very aware of the rules and the role of a Helper. I feel like I would be very capable of doing this job because I am respectful, loyal, and mature in the chat. I tend to respect everyone's opinions and I treat everyone the way I would want to be treated. When I was previously helper on this server, I really enjoyed moderating the chats and taking action on those who needed punishment.
    I feel as though everyone needs this type of balance and having this skill is crucial when being a staff member. Why I think this is crucial is because of the reason why many staff members resign. They just get bored with the fact that all they do is punish players instead of actually playing the game. But with me having this skill, I will ensure you that I will stay fully committed to this server.

    I will not hesitate to report someone when they break a rule, and cannot be bribed. If someone I've never seen before is breaking a rule and someone I'm close to personally is breaking a rule, I would report them both. I also know what punishment to give a player for the rule broken and I have read the rules multiple times.
    I would be a great addition to the server because I love helping people, I think I am a really helpful person, I am also very hardworking, I would stay up throughout the night helping players in our community

    Additional Information:None
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